Monday, March 12, 2012

Going to be posting about some other games here

I guess you could say that I'm going to be "diversifying" this blog a little bit over the coming weeks and months; I'll still be posting about Battlefield 3 primarily, but I'm also going to be writing about some other games too, including Modern Warfare 3 and Star Wars the Old Republic.

Why am I going to be posting about different games on the same blog?

Firstly, it means I don't have to spend time setting up any other blogs, and secondly this blog already has a decent readership (around 1000 visits a week) so it makes sense to post here.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Relik Battlefield 3 Guide Download

Are you looking for a Relik Battlefield 3 guide download?

Unfortunately, this is not the place to download the Relik Battlefield 3 guide for free; nor am I going to tell you where you can get it for free.

However, if you really want the Relik guide then let me explain to you quickly why you should actually purchase a legitimate copy of it (or, if you want you can read my Relik Battlefield 3 guide review here)

The Relik guide will teach you how to become a much better Battlefield 3 player in a short space of time. I've used it myself, read through the guide multiple times etc, compared it to other BF3 guides, and I really like it and highly recommend it (and that's coming from someone who plays a lot of Battlefield 3, and other games)

As much as it sucks having to pay for things, the Relik team have definitely put a lot of time and effort into the guide and deserve to be rewarded for making it. Not only that, but they are a small company,  not some faceless multinational trying to bleed people dry of every last dollar they have for a substandard product - /rant.

And anyway, when you purchase and download the Relik Battlefield 3 guide you receive a 60 day money-back guarantee which seems pretty darn watertight to me. So you really don't have anything to lose, because if you don't like the Relik guide you can just get a refund.

With that being said, click here to download the Relik BF3 guide for $37.