Monday, October 31, 2011

What Is The Best Battlefield 3 Guide?

Now that Battlefield 3 has been out for over a week, a few strategy guides have begun to spring up. These strategy guides are aimed at showing you how to play BF3 well; they are primarily about multiplayer gaming, although the singleplayer campaign is covered by most strategy guides too. Today you are going to learn what the best Battlefield 3 guide is. In this shootout between the three top BF3 multiplayer strategy guides, you will learn whether the Relik Battlefield 3 Guide, Starks Battlefield 3 Guide, or Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide is the best.

I am going to use brief bullet points to outline the pros and cons of each one of these three guides, so that you can make up your own mind as to which one is the best. Remember that these are not free guides- they are professionally produced and high quality products.  Anyway, it's time to get down to business, so let's start by looking at Relik Battlefield 3 Guide:

The 'eCover' of Relik BF3 guide

* Has been out for the longest of all the Battlefield 3 guides.

* The strategies in Relik work for all three BF3 platforms; it does not matter whether you are playing on PC, Xbox 360, or PS3.

* Contains an excellent beginner guide for BF3. If you are a bit confused by the game, or have not had much experience with past Battlefield games, then this will be very useful for you.

* I like the extremely professional presentation of the Relik BF3 guide website- the team behind the product have put a lot of effort into it.

* The in-depth class guides are simply brilliant. Even though I am an experienced gamer myself I really enjoyed reading this part of the Relik guide myself.

* There is a strong focus on improving your reaction times and accuracy and other basic 'mechanics' of gameplay. It's kind of like a really fun bootcamp for a very fun game.

* Has a full guide for singleplayer and co-op campaign.

* The Relik Battlefield 3 map guides are very good.

* There are also some video walkthroughs of different parts of the game, including how to boost your kill death ratio.

* There is a strong focus on earning high Battlelog ratings.

* As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the Relik BF3 guide that risks getting you banned or booted from the server.

* The guide sells for $37 USD. Because it is sold through Clickbank (a popular digital publishing company) you get a 60 day money-back guarantee, and you get access to the Relik Battlefield 3 guide as soon as payment is made.

* My personal rating for this guide is 8/10.

Click here to learn more about Relik Battlefield 3 guide.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide

Battlefield 3 Dominator is the newest strategy guide for BF3 online.

It was created by 'CJ', who is quite well-known for making quality game strategy guides, including Rift Supremacy. In my opinion he makes some of the best digital gaming products out there.

* BF3 Dominator guide focuses heavily on using video walkthroughs to show you how to master both the multiplayer and singleplayer game. The videos are high quality HD.

* There are no cheats or hacks used in CJ's guide, so you don't have to worry about getting banned or booted.

* There is a lot focus on teamwork, which is a huge aspect of successful Battlefield 3 gaming. If you are very serious about playing BF3 well then you need to know how to be a good team player. The strength of the teamwork guide in Battlefield 3 Dominator wins it a lot of points.

* The map guides in BF3 Dominator are great. CJ always makes the best map explanations for all his game guides, and the ones here are no exception. You will learn the best choke points and 'killing zones' for each map.

* There are complete class and weapon guides as well, including how to customize your weapons to maximize your efficiency.

* There is less of a focus on 'mechanics' than with the Relik guide, and instead greater importance is placed on teamwork and completing objectives. Therefore, Battlefield 3 Dominator is better suited to those who already have good FPS skills (ie you can shoot accurately and know how to use cover) This means that Dominator is better for more intermediate gamers, but Relik is better for absolute beginners.

* The presentation is not as good as Relik guide, but I prefer the content and walkthroughs.

* It retails for $34.99, and is also sold through Clickbank so you get the usual 60 day money back guarantee.

* CJ includes free updates.

* My personal rating is 9/10 - I like CJ's guides a lot, and this is no exception. It is my belief that this is the best Battlefield 3 guide.

Click here to order Battlefield 3 Dominator guide or learn more about it.

Starks Battlefield 3 Guide 

The final Battlefield 3 strategy guide we will be looking at today is Starks guide.

* It has been out for a bit longer than Battlefield 3 Dominator, but not as long as Relik Guide.

* It is a bit of a 'half way' house between Relik and Battlefield 3 Dominator guide. It caters to beginners and more experienced gamers alike.

* I personally wasn't too impressed with the guide. It is not hugely professionally presented, and doesn't offer anything over and above the other two guides in the way of the main guide.

* However, it does come with two quite neat bonuses- a BF3 battlefield survival guide, and an 'instant domination' report.

* You do get free updates for life.

* There is once again a money back guarantee.

* The guide retails for $37- the same price as Relik but a bit more expensive than BF3 Dominator.

* My personal rating is 6.5/10

Click here to learn more about Starks Battlefield 3 guide.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Trailer Out

Check out the trailer for Battlefield 3 Dominator below (this is actually my version updated to feature a link back to this blog) then read my BF3 Dominator guide review.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

How To Win At Battlefield 3

Today you are going to learn how to win at Battlefield 3 when playing multiplayer matches. Although it sounds like a simple thing to do, winning this game can actually sometimes be rather difficult. Therefore, it pays to learn how to play Battlefield 3 properly. Read this Battlefield 3 multiplayer guide to learn exactly what you need to do to win easily.

The most important thing you need to remember to win at BF3 when playing multiplayer is to focus squarely on completing the objective. Sure its fun to go around just trying to get as many kills as possible, or hijack all the planes and tanks and cause mayhem, but if everyone else on your team has the same idea too you are soon gonna find yourself losing. Therefore, the most important thing you can do when playing BF3 is focus on completing your objectives. Basically, you should only be engaging enemies who are actively preventing you from completing your stated objective. Don't go hunting enemies who aren't actively hampering you, as this will just wind up wasting your time in the end.

Along with sticking to your objective another important thing you need to do to win at Battlefield 3 is pick a class suited to your objective or style of gameplay. If you need to assault a position where you are likely to encounter lots of resistance then you should probably be playing as assault or support. On the other hand, you might need to be a recon if sneaking through enemy positions is the best option.

Finally, you need to realize the importance of teamwork if you want to win at Battlefield 3. I have mentioned this before, and will mention it again- this game is a team-based shooter, and therefore the team with the best cohesion is probably going to win, even against more experienced but individualistic players. Therefore you need to work on helping teammates out if you are determined to become a top BF3 player.

You should also consider reading a full Battlefield 3 strategy guide that will give you an even better picture of how to win BF3 games. I suggest you read my Battlefield 3 Dominator guide review to learn about this exciting new video BF3 strategy guide.

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Tips

Today we are going to look at some useful Battlefield 3 multiplayer tips that you should take heed of to improve your game. Whether you are stuck with a crummy kill/death ratio, or you just want to know how to carve up the compeition, these BF3 multiplayer tips will certainly come in handy for you. Keep reading to learn how you can play Battlefield 3 like a totally different player.

The first Battlefield 3 multiplayer tip you really need to know is that teamwork is key in this game. Unlike hugely fast paced games such as Black Ops, where everything turns into a meatgrinder in a matter of seconds, teamwork and structure gameplay is vital if you want to win at BF3. The team with better teamwork; cooperation, strategy, and execution of team strategy, will almost always win, even if their individual players are less skilled. Of course team playing can be difficult when you don't get much of a chance to meet your team, but by using the communication tools provided by the game as fully as possible you are going to have a much greater chance of winning.

Secondly, you need to learn how to master the available classes in the game if you want to master Battlefield 3 multiplayer. Don't try and snipe with an engineer, and don't go trying to destroy tanks up close as a recon.  I suggest picking a class you really like, then sticking with it to build your abilities. At the same time, with regards to teamwork, don't stubbornly pick your favorite class if your team already has too many of that class. Instead, be flexible and be able to change classes for the benefit of your team.

Another useful BF3 multiplayer tip is to always aim your gun down the sights. Because of the more realistic hit detection and bullet physics model used in Battlefield 3, you can't really just spray and pray unless you are equipped with an LMG. Aiming down the sights will instead let you conserve ammo, and more importantly will enable you to hit targets more accurately. This will boost your score, and your gaming experience significantly.

Finally, you need to remember that practice makes perfect. The more you play the game, the better you will become. A lot of the current 'pros' on servers honed their skills on Battlefield 2, BFBC2, and the BF3 beta before the release of the final game. Therefore, you need to practice as much as possible if you really do want to become a top player.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide will also help you to play multiplayer like a champ. With its exclusive video guides to gameplay it is a seriously useful BF3 multiplayer strategy guide. Read my Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide review today.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Battlefield 3 Dominator Preview Video

Check out this brief preview video of Battlefield 3 Dominator below. It's embedded, so you don't even need to leave the page.

Click here to read my Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide review and learn more about this exciting new strategy guide for what has to be one of the hottest games of the year.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Review

The final release of Battlefield 3 has only been out for mere days, but already it is garnering tons of attention as perhaps one of the most exciting multiplayer games of the year. With servers full to the brim, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 gamers are enjoying one of the most fun new games to have come out in a very long time. To help you play BF3 like a champ and become a player everyone else on the server envies, Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide has just been released. It is one of the first comprehensive Battlefield 3 multiplayer guides to come out, although it also features a total walkthrough of the singleplayer campaign as well.

Today you are going to read my Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide review. Just for reference purposes, I am playing the game on PC. Whilst the BF3 Dominator Guide applies universally, it is worth noting that the gaming experience is going to change depending on what platform you play on. Remember that the max number of players on PC is 64, whereas it is 24 on console. Also, some conquest maps have been shrunk for console. This will alter you strategy somewhat when playing the game.

Because online gaming is becoming more and more competitive, it pays to have the edge. Battlefield 3 Dominator claims to be the first video guide for Battlefield 3 multiplayer and single player. There are already some basic guides to BF3 multiplayer and singleplayer out there (things move fast online after all) but the real question is this- 'does Battlefield 3 Dominator deliver on its promise?'

What BF3 Dominator is promising to do is show you exactly how to dominate the game like a pro. There is a big disconnect between being a mediocre player, with a crummy kill/death ratio who nobody wants on their team, and being a truly great player. This is the same for all games, but Battlefield 3 is the hot topic right now so you want to be playing like a pro NOW, not later.

The first thing I really like about the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide, and perhaps the high point of this review, is the fact that it uses videos to teach you how to play properly. Reading a text guide to a game is both boring and not as informative as watching someone show you exactly what to do with high quality video and sound. There are complete Battlefield 3 video walkthroughs for all aspects of the game, including:
  • Mastering the basics of the game - this is great for beginners.
  • How and when to use all of the classes properly - chances are you don't really know which class to use and when, so this video is great.
  • Map strategies for each and every map - this enables you to get a strategic advantage every single time you play. Find the ultimate killzones with Battlefield 3 Dominator map guides. I personally enjoyed this part of the guide greatly.
  • How to master all game modes.
  • Become an effective team player.
Another thing about Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide that is very good are its detailed class and weapons guides. From customized weapons that are far more powerful than what other players have, to recommended class set ups, BF3 Dominator is as close to Battlefield 3 hacks as you can get without risking getting booted or banned.

There is also a comprehensive guide to the singeplayer portion of the game (although to be honest the singleplayer game is so easy you shouldn't need a walkthrough) It is nice to see video of it completed on the hardest difficulty for less experienced gamers though.

Now because this is a review of Battlefield Dominator Guide, there are a couple of negative aspects that need to be touched on. Firstly, the guide is fairly expensive, at $34.99 USD. Considering there are going to be plenty of text guides for the game available, you are paying the premium for videos and consistent updates (as well as those awesome map photos and guides) Is this premium worth it? In my opinion it is, as all but the most experienced of gamers will benefit a lot from what this guide has to offer. You also get a 60 day money-back guarantee, which means you can get your full purchase price refunded if you aren't happy.
Click the button below to get your own copy of BF3 Dominator today, before everyone else learns these amazing Battlefield 3 tips and secrets.