Monday, December 19, 2011

Battlefield 3 Increase FPS - A How To Guide

Have Battlefield 3? Want to increase your FPS? Here is a quick run-down on how to increase your Battlefield 3 framerate:

* Start by dropping "unnecessary" settings like anti-aliasing and particle effects. If you don't have the hardware to run such high-end settings then you will get a better experience by turning them off and having a smoother frame rate.

* If you want to increase Battlefield 3 FPS then make sure your drivers are up to date. Whether you have an ATi/AMD card, or an Nvidia model, make sure you have the latest possible drivers. On my gaming laptop I saw a massive performance boost from upgrading my drivers to the latest BF3 approved edition.

* Close down any unnecessary programs that run in the background and could suck up processor power. Things like Daemon Tools (unless you actually use it to run BF3) or the Winamp agent should be shut down.

* Lower the in-game resolution. Sure, things will look a bit less impressive, but those extra FPS might make the difference between a fun game and a crap game.

* Reduce your BF3 lag; sometimes you might mistake lag for poor framerate.

* Overclock your PC. If you want the most performance possible from your current hardware then this is the best choice. There are many factors to consider when overclocking, and although it can yield some amazing results you do need to be certain of what you are doing. I recommend investing in the TweakBoy's Ultimate Overclocking Handbook. For less than $50 you can get hundreds of dollars of extra performance out of your computer.

What Is The Best Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide?

So what exactly is the best Battlefield 3 strategy guide? There are a quite a few different options out there when it comes to professionally produced guides for BF3. I've had a look at the majority of them (yes, I have some mad "hook ups") and have reached a conclusion:

If you are a newbie BF3 player and want to learn how to play well enough not to get your ass kicked, then you should go for Relik Battlefield 3 Guide. In my "What Is The Best Battlefield 3 Guide?" roundup I praised the excellent beginner guide and attention to detail; the presentation of this guide is also second-to-none.

However, for the more experienced gamer it may lack enough pro-tips and high end strategies. Basically, Relik Guide is great for teaching you how to play the game, but is not so good at showing you how to absolutely dominate it.

If you fancy yourself reasonably talented at games then you want CJ's Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide. I'm a big fan of CJ's gaming guides, and really liked his Rift Supremacy Guide.

Battlefield 3 Dominator will teach you some truly powerful strategies and gaming techniques that would normally take hours and hours of practice. Although it is quite pricey at $34.99, there is a watertight 60 day money-back guarantee if you aren't satisfied, and there is an awful lot of quality content in this guide.

Oh, did I mention it has video instructions and strategy guides? No, no I did not.

Check out Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide for yourself today.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Looking For A Cheap Battlefield 3 Strategy Guide?

Are you looking for a cheap Battlefield 3 strategy guide that has video walkthroughs and strategies for all major game aspects, as well as picture map guides?

If so, you should check out my comparison of the leading Battlefield 3 strategy guides. There are options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Now you are probably wondering why you should even bother with a BF3 strategy guide, especially if there is so much free information online. Here are a few good reasons why you should make the small investment in a video guide for Battlefield 3:

* Save hours of tedious practice and get good, fast.

* Get ahead of your competition.

* Win more games and have more fun.

* Progress through levels and unlocks faster

* Get the ultimate gaming experience.

Check out my cheap Battlefield 3 Strategy guide round-up today.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Battlefield 3 Tips Tricks & Hacks

Here are some pretty nifty Battlefield 3 tips, tricks, and hacks that will help you dominate the game:

  1. Make use of squadmates as mobile spawn points. This lets you get back into the battle in the shortest amount of time possible (don't waste ages trekking across the battlefield)
  2. Always aim with every shot, unless you are laying down covering fire with an LMG or mounted weapon.
  3. Throw a grenade, then attack from a different angle - this will confuse your opponents.
  4. Learn how to use cover in Battlefield 3 - way too many people still aren't using cover properly, and this shows.
  5. Turn off your tac light when you don't need it. This will easily give your position away to snipers.
  6. Turn up the volume and listen for enemy movements. Sometimes listening is better than seeing.
  7. If you are playing for PC, make sure you have optimized your computer for good framerates etc. Learn how to boost your Battlefield 3 framerate.
  8. Always communicate with other team members.
  9. Always go for the objective - mindlessly hunting enemies that aren't distracting you from the objective is fun, but it won't help you to win.
  10. Swap to another weapon instead of reloading in an emergency. This is quicker than reloading, especially for machine guns etc.
  11. Check out my Battlefield 3 strategy guide comparison and get one of the guides - you will learn all sorts of tricks and secrets for winning every game, every time.
  12. Focus on "killing zones" on maps. These are locations where most people pass through in large concentrations (both friendly and enemy) if you set up camp properly you can rack up mega kills in killing zones.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My Traffic Dropped Like Crazy - Any Ideas Why?

I'm not the biggest website nut out there, so could any of you guys possibly explain to me why the number of visitors to this blog has fallen out of bed overnight? I was getting 100+ visitors a day, and now only a handful of that are coming through.

Is there some glaring hole in this blog that I'm missing? Maybe I need a Manifestation Miracle to get my site's mojo back!