Saturday, February 25, 2012

Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Handbook Review

It's pretty much common knowledge that PC is the best platform for playing Battlefield 3 on. You get more players on the field at once, better graphics, and greater control thanks to the humble mouse and keyboard combo.

However, you need a FAST computer to run Battlefield 3 properly. Nothing sucks more than laggy framerates and choppy performance when playing a game that was made specifically to look great. Now if you haven't already taken a look at my quick guide to increasing your Battlefield 3 framerate, you should do so... but it's important to remember that short of purchasing new hardware, there is nothing more effective at boosting your framerate than overclocking.
The biggest difficulty with overclocking is that it is a bit of a minefield if you are inexperienced (in fact, even experienced over clockers can run into trouble)

That's where the Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Handbook comes into play. This is a comprehensive eBook guide to wringing the maximum performance possible out of your current PC hardware setup. It's basically a complete guide to take you from overclocking zero to hero.

Here is my Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Handbook review:

The main thing you will notice with the Tweakboy guide is that it is a complete blueprint for overclocking. I've used quite a few different OCing guides in the past (I mean who doesn't love to get the most out of their hardware as possible?) but most of them deal with all the different components of the computer as totally separate entities, and don't relate them back together. What I mean is that you might get a guide to overclocking your CPU, and then another one for the video card, but there is nothing on how you can link your overclocking efforts together for the maximum possible framerate.

However, Tweakboy teaches you how to sync your overclocking efforts together to get the maximum possible performance increase. This is some seriously cool stuff, because by synchronizing everything you are going to get some much bigger framerate increases.

Here's a picture of a world record processor overclock made with the Tweakboy overclocking blueprint:

As you can see, that's some pretty impressive performance there. While I've never managed to rack up anything that insane on my own machines (mainly because I don't want to push out the boat so much as to risk causing damage) I have absolutely no doubt that anyone following the Tweakboy blueprint is going to see massive increases in performance, clock speed, and gaming framerate.

The guide currently sells for $47 USD, which is a bit on the pricey side for an eBook. However, when you consider that you are going to see framerate and general PC performance increases equivalent to probably hundreds of dollars of new components and hardware, the Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Handbook suddenly becomes a lot better value. You also get a 60 day money-back guarantee in case you aren't satisfied with the results you get, and payment processing is 100% safe and secure.

Finally, the Tweakboy support team are very friendly and easy to contact, so you can always get in touch with them easily and they will help you out every step along the way with your overclocking efforts.

Overall, I review the Tweakboy Ultimate Overclocking Handbook very highly, and truly recommend that you buy yourself a copy and get the maximum performance possible out of your PC. Click here to learn more about the Tweakboy Overclocking Handbook.

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