Monday, October 31, 2011

What Is The Best Battlefield 3 Guide?

Now that Battlefield 3 has been out for over a week, a few strategy guides have begun to spring up. These strategy guides are aimed at showing you how to play BF3 well; they are primarily about multiplayer gaming, although the singleplayer campaign is covered by most strategy guides too. Today you are going to learn what the best Battlefield 3 guide is. In this shootout between the three top BF3 multiplayer strategy guides, you will learn whether the Relik Battlefield 3 Guide, Starks Battlefield 3 Guide, or Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide is the best.

I am going to use brief bullet points to outline the pros and cons of each one of these three guides, so that you can make up your own mind as to which one is the best. Remember that these are not free guides- they are professionally produced and high quality products.  Anyway, it's time to get down to business, so let's start by looking at Relik Battlefield 3 Guide:

The 'eCover' of Relik BF3 guide

* Has been out for the longest of all the Battlefield 3 guides.

* The strategies in Relik work for all three BF3 platforms; it does not matter whether you are playing on PC, Xbox 360, or PS3.

* Contains an excellent beginner guide for BF3. If you are a bit confused by the game, or have not had much experience with past Battlefield games, then this will be very useful for you.

* I like the extremely professional presentation of the Relik BF3 guide website- the team behind the product have put a lot of effort into it.

* The in-depth class guides are simply brilliant. Even though I am an experienced gamer myself I really enjoyed reading this part of the Relik guide myself.

* There is a strong focus on improving your reaction times and accuracy and other basic 'mechanics' of gameplay. It's kind of like a really fun bootcamp for a very fun game.

* Has a full guide for singleplayer and co-op campaign.

* The Relik Battlefield 3 map guides are very good.

* There are also some video walkthroughs of different parts of the game, including how to boost your kill death ratio.

* There is a strong focus on earning high Battlelog ratings.

* As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the Relik BF3 guide that risks getting you banned or booted from the server.

* The guide sells for $37 USD. Because it is sold through Clickbank (a popular digital publishing company) you get a 60 day money-back guarantee, and you get access to the Relik Battlefield 3 guide as soon as payment is made.

* My personal rating for this guide is 8/10.

Click here to learn more about Relik Battlefield 3 guide.

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide

Battlefield 3 Dominator is the newest strategy guide for BF3 online.

It was created by 'CJ', who is quite well-known for making quality game strategy guides, including Rift Supremacy. In my opinion he makes some of the best digital gaming products out there.

* BF3 Dominator guide focuses heavily on using video walkthroughs to show you how to master both the multiplayer and singleplayer game. The videos are high quality HD.

* There are no cheats or hacks used in CJ's guide, so you don't have to worry about getting banned or booted.

* There is a lot focus on teamwork, which is a huge aspect of successful Battlefield 3 gaming. If you are very serious about playing BF3 well then you need to know how to be a good team player. The strength of the teamwork guide in Battlefield 3 Dominator wins it a lot of points.

* The map guides in BF3 Dominator are great. CJ always makes the best map explanations for all his game guides, and the ones here are no exception. You will learn the best choke points and 'killing zones' for each map.

* There are complete class and weapon guides as well, including how to customize your weapons to maximize your efficiency.

* There is less of a focus on 'mechanics' than with the Relik guide, and instead greater importance is placed on teamwork and completing objectives. Therefore, Battlefield 3 Dominator is better suited to those who already have good FPS skills (ie you can shoot accurately and know how to use cover) This means that Dominator is better for more intermediate gamers, but Relik is better for absolute beginners.

* The presentation is not as good as Relik guide, but I prefer the content and walkthroughs.

* It retails for $34.99, and is also sold through Clickbank so you get the usual 60 day money back guarantee.

* CJ includes free updates.

* My personal rating is 9/10 - I like CJ's guides a lot, and this is no exception. It is my belief that this is the best Battlefield 3 guide.

Click here to order Battlefield 3 Dominator guide or learn more about it.

Starks Battlefield 3 Guide 

The final Battlefield 3 strategy guide we will be looking at today is Starks guide.

* It has been out for a bit longer than Battlefield 3 Dominator, but not as long as Relik Guide.

* It is a bit of a 'half way' house between Relik and Battlefield 3 Dominator guide. It caters to beginners and more experienced gamers alike.

* I personally wasn't too impressed with the guide. It is not hugely professionally presented, and doesn't offer anything over and above the other two guides in the way of the main guide.

* However, it does come with two quite neat bonuses- a BF3 battlefield survival guide, and an 'instant domination' report.

* You do get free updates for life.

* There is once again a money back guarantee.

* The guide retails for $37- the same price as Relik but a bit more expensive than BF3 Dominator.

* My personal rating is 6.5/10

Click here to learn more about Starks Battlefield 3 guide.

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