Friday, October 28, 2011

Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide Review

The final release of Battlefield 3 has only been out for mere days, but already it is garnering tons of attention as perhaps one of the most exciting multiplayer games of the year. With servers full to the brim, PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 gamers are enjoying one of the most fun new games to have come out in a very long time. To help you play BF3 like a champ and become a player everyone else on the server envies, Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide has just been released. It is one of the first comprehensive Battlefield 3 multiplayer guides to come out, although it also features a total walkthrough of the singleplayer campaign as well.

Today you are going to read my Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide review. Just for reference purposes, I am playing the game on PC. Whilst the BF3 Dominator Guide applies universally, it is worth noting that the gaming experience is going to change depending on what platform you play on. Remember that the max number of players on PC is 64, whereas it is 24 on console. Also, some conquest maps have been shrunk for console. This will alter you strategy somewhat when playing the game.

Because online gaming is becoming more and more competitive, it pays to have the edge. Battlefield 3 Dominator claims to be the first video guide for Battlefield 3 multiplayer and single player. There are already some basic guides to BF3 multiplayer and singleplayer out there (things move fast online after all) but the real question is this- 'does Battlefield 3 Dominator deliver on its promise?'

What BF3 Dominator is promising to do is show you exactly how to dominate the game like a pro. There is a big disconnect between being a mediocre player, with a crummy kill/death ratio who nobody wants on their team, and being a truly great player. This is the same for all games, but Battlefield 3 is the hot topic right now so you want to be playing like a pro NOW, not later.

The first thing I really like about the Battlefield 3 Dominator guide, and perhaps the high point of this review, is the fact that it uses videos to teach you how to play properly. Reading a text guide to a game is both boring and not as informative as watching someone show you exactly what to do with high quality video and sound. There are complete Battlefield 3 video walkthroughs for all aspects of the game, including:
  • Mastering the basics of the game - this is great for beginners.
  • How and when to use all of the classes properly - chances are you don't really know which class to use and when, so this video is great.
  • Map strategies for each and every map - this enables you to get a strategic advantage every single time you play. Find the ultimate killzones with Battlefield 3 Dominator map guides. I personally enjoyed this part of the guide greatly.
  • How to master all game modes.
  • Become an effective team player.
Another thing about Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide that is very good are its detailed class and weapons guides. From customized weapons that are far more powerful than what other players have, to recommended class set ups, BF3 Dominator is as close to Battlefield 3 hacks as you can get without risking getting booted or banned.

There is also a comprehensive guide to the singeplayer portion of the game (although to be honest the singleplayer game is so easy you shouldn't need a walkthrough) It is nice to see video of it completed on the hardest difficulty for less experienced gamers though.

Now because this is a review of Battlefield Dominator Guide, there are a couple of negative aspects that need to be touched on. Firstly, the guide is fairly expensive, at $34.99 USD. Considering there are going to be plenty of text guides for the game available, you are paying the premium for videos and consistent updates (as well as those awesome map photos and guides) Is this premium worth it? In my opinion it is, as all but the most experienced of gamers will benefit a lot from what this guide has to offer. You also get a 60 day money-back guarantee, which means you can get your full purchase price refunded if you aren't happy.
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