Friday, November 4, 2011

What's Your Favorite Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Map?

Okay guys, now that I'm getting a few more readers to this blog I want to know what everyones' favorite multiplayer map in Battlefield 3 is. There some really cool and interesting maps in this game, and there is plenty of scope for moving around and exploring them.

My personal favorite is  Damavand Peak. Call me silly, call me stupid, but I just love that epic jump down to the action. It reminds me of playing Battlefield 1942 as a kid during my school holidays, on my crummy old 1.3gHz Athlon and 32mb TNT graphics card, and then always playing 'Operation Market Garden' map as the allies just to get the chance to parachute into the battle. Oh, the nostalgia!

So what is your favorite BF3 map, and why?

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