Sunday, November 20, 2011

How To Use Cover In Battlefield 3

Recently I covered how to snipe and aim properly in Battlefield 3. Today we are going to look at how to use cover in Battlefield 3 so that you don't get killed as often. By avoiding dying you will boost your game score and be more likely to win matches.

I see a lot of players who don't seem to use any form of cover when playing BF3. Running around the battlefield like a headless chicken is a great way to get killed (if you're into losing at video games) Here's a quick guide to using cover in Battlefield 3:

  • When taking up position always crouch or go prone if you have limited cover. This will make you much harder to hit.
  • Grass and trees etc provide concealment but not true cover- they won't stop bullets or rounds (especially with the physics/damage model in BF3)
  • Take cover behind rocks, walls, buildings etc. then pop up and fire a few shots. Remember to move to a different location after you have made your presence known. This is especially important if you are taking cover behind something that could be destroyed reasonably easily.
  • Don't crowd together in cover with your teammates as this will make you easy prey for explosives and grenades etc.
  • Windows provide a good covered spot to open fire from, as do rooftops.
  • Try and get cover that takes the high ground over your enemies.
  • Read my comparison of the leading Battlefield 3 strategy guides to see which one will help you master cover in BF3 and win the game.

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