Monday, November 14, 2011

Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Guide

Here is a more detailed Battlefield 3 multiplayer guide that I have been putting together over the last week. The whole point of this guide is to show you some wicked tips and strategies you can use to really up your game. Whether you are an absolute beginner or plowing through the levels like a pro gamer you will be able to benefit from my BF3 multiplayer guide.

  1. Minimize lag. Whether you are playing on PC, PS3, or 360 this is absolutely crucial to winning at Battlefield 3. You need to minimize your lag as much as possible to ensure you maintain a competitive edge at this game. Switch to a wired network connection from wireless if possible as this will yield improved connection speeds. If you are a PC gamer make sure your wireless card drivers are up to date. You should also pick servers that are located closer to your area of residence. If you get lots of lag it will be difficult to win unfortunately.
  2. Increase framerate (PC only) Increasing your framerate is important for PC gamers if you want to win. Click the following link for my free guide to boosting your Battlefield 3 framerate.
  3. Improve your 'fundamental skills'. Improving your fundamental skills of shooting, aiming, reloading and moving are essential and a big focus of my Battlefield 3 multiplayer guide. You need to be working on improving your accuracy, using special class-specific abilities such as the mortar launcher, and working on using cover and crouch/prone properly. Remember to always fire down the sights, unless you are using a spray and pray weapon in the support class. If you are a sniper player then learn how to snipe properly. Learning how to get good at the basic 'mechanics' of the game is the biggest thing you can do to get good at Battlefield 3.
  4. Work with your team. I have stressed the importance of this before, and will always continue to stress the huge importance of teamwork for games like Battlefield 3. You need to communicate as much as possible with your teammates in order to have the greatest chance of winning. Use either headset communication or keyboard communication when PC gaming, or just the headset when playing on console. Take charge of your squad or team and lead them toward the objectives.
  5. Focus on the match objectives. The biggest 'secret' to winning at Battlefield 3 is to focus squarely on the match objectives. Although mucking around and enemy hunting is fun, if you want to build your level quickly and win lots you will be better served by aiming squarely for the objective. Whether that is attacking or defending a point or anything else you need to really focus on this in order to win.
  6. Use the right class at the right time. This is pretty self-explanatory, but it is very important that you are using the right class at the right time. For general attacking and defending assault is a great choice. For indoors work I like engineer. Support is very good for defence, and recon is generally useful for sneaking and sniping.
  7. Get a Battlefield 3 multiplayer strategy guide. If you are serious about winning at Battlefield 3 then you should get a detailed strategy and map guide for multiplayer. You can check out my in-depth comparison of the three leading BF3 multiplayer guides here.

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