Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Perses Guide Out

Any keen gamer cannot have ignored the raging debate between whether Battlefield 3 or Modern Warfare 3 was to be the game of the year in 2011 (trailing a distant third in this race is Skyrim of course) Now that both are out and playable, I am going out on a whim to say that BF3 is the better game, well at least for multiplayer. That is not to say that MW3 is no fun of course- the very rapid pace of play makes for a great game to play with your buddies on a night in.

CJ who wrote Battlefield 3 Dominator Guide, which is the BF3 multiplayer guide that I recommend, has just come out with Perses Guide for Modern Warfare 3. I've had a chance to look through this guide already (it's only been out a very short time mind you) and am so far rather impressed. It follows a similar format to Battlefield 3 Dominator, but is aimed squarely at COD MW3 players. If you have bought MW3 or are planning on doing so then you can check Perses Guide out here.

No doubt CJ will be updating it regularly as more MW3 strategies come to the fore.

In the meantime check out my initial thoughts on Perses Guide, as well as some MW3 tips and strategies at my new Modern Warfare 3 Perses Guide Review blog.

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